October 29, 2011

A stone image of Bodhidharma in Kencho-ji

A granite stone image of Bodhidharma was gleaming brightly in the clear and pure sunlight peculiar to late October.

Each time I stand in front of this solemn stone image in the quiet bamboo garden, I have the illusion that I can hear the sudden deep shout of Bodhidharma which he gives to waken and disillusion us from earthly passions and delusions.


Mariano said...

When I read your post on the subject, my mind inmediately recall me -as always, poetry express better than nothing a state of spirit- of another song, this time by Neil Young: "Through my Sails". Here are the words:

"Still glaring from the city lights
Into paradise I soared
Unable to come down
For reasons I'd ignored.

Total confusion,
New things I'm knowin'.

I'm standing on the shoreline
It's so fine out there
Leaving with the wind blowing
But love takes care.

Know me, know me
Show me, show me
New things I'm knowin'.

Wind blowing through my sails
It feels like I'm gone
Leaving with the wind blowing
Through my sails."

With deep regards, and always grateful of the simply beauty
you gifted us week after week.-

Kunihiko said...

Dear Mariano,

Thank you again for your kind and profound comment, which always encourages me to continue this photolog.

Sometimes, in the gardens of Zen, I feel that the world I see is just an illusion I see in my mind's eye.

I believe that finding the beauty of this world is one small step toward spiritual awakening and freedom.

I very much appreciate what you have done for me.

Best regards,