March 5, 2011

Kawazu-zakura (Prunus lannesiana cv. Kawazu-zakura) flowers in Engaku-ji

The pale pink blossoms of a Kawazu-zakura tree, which is an early-flowering Japanese cherry tree, are opening all at once in the soft sunlight of this budding season.

Though the calendar says it has been spring, the warmth of this season is not here yet.

Soon the warm bright sun will roll around again high up in the air and the garden of Zen will become alive afresh with the birds, insects and flowers which proclaim spring happily.

These early-flowering cherry blossoms make us believe that our long-awaited springtime will surely arrive here in a little while.


Ajisai said...

Thank you so much for your blog ! I miss Japanese gardens, it is so nice to follow the season through your pictures in an area that enchanted me each time I came.
It is like a dream, wishing it will again (soon !) become true.

All the best from France

Kunihiko said...

Dear Ajisai:

Thank you heartily for your warm comment. I am very happy to know that you enjoyed my blog.

In two weeks or so, the beautiful white blossoms of Sakura (a common Japanese cherry) will begin to bloom spectacularly here and there in Kita-kamakura to celebrate the hight of springtime. I am waiting expectantly for the gorgeous blooming of those enchanting Sakura blossoms.

Your kind comment encouraged me very much.

All best wishes.