July 9, 2009

A white dove at the Chouzu-ya of Tsurugaoka-Hachimangu

"Tyouzu-ya" (hand-washing house) is the place for spiritual purification that is situated in a temple or shrine.

Visitors to a temple or shrine must wash their hands and mouth at this place before entering into the sanctuary of the temple or shrine in order to symbolically purify their mind and body.

Tsurugaoka-hachimangu is located in the center of the historic area of old Kamakura and is one of the most respected shrines of Shintoism ( the ancient and inherent religion of Japan.) This shrine was founded in 1063 by Minamoto no Yoritomo, who is the first shogun of the Kamakura regime.

In the world of Shintoism, a white dove is regarded as the minister of divine will.

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