May 2, 2023

Kaido (Malus halliana) flowers: Kaizo-ji

Kaido (Malus halliana) flowers: Kaizo-ji

The abundant bright sunlight from the spring sky is bringing back the vigor of life to various living things after their winter dormancy. 

Knowing that the cherry blossoms are about to fall in concert soon, these magenta flowers of Kaido are beginning to come into full bloom, like a diva of great beauty who tries to inherit the leading role on the spring stage.

As is well known, in China which is the place of origin of a Kaido tree, Emperor Xuanzong of Tang likened this elegant flower to his beloved beauty, Yang Kuei Fei, who was dozing off drunkenly in a bewitching manner in his quiet garden filled with the fragrance of lively spring air.

According to the eternal cycling of the seasons brought about by the universe, every seasonal flower blooms gracefully with all its might and then pretty soon fades away, leaving an evanescent shadow of an immortal beauty.

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