April 7, 2023

Yama-zakura (Cerasus jamasakura) flowers: Kita-kamakura, Engaku-ji

Yama-zakura (Cerasus jamasakura) flowers: Kita-kamakura

On the fresh green slope of the hill which embraces Engaku-ji temple complex in its vale, the dainty flowers of Yama-zakura (mountain cherry tree) are in full bloom, as if to quietly glorify the true height of spring. 

Because these elegant sakura flowers are transiently blooming with the full force of life, I must gaze at them with all my heart and mind to appreciate their precious and fleeting beauty thoroughly.

If there were no flower of sakura in this world, how tranquil it would be for me to spend this springtime. Their graceful presence always makes me unquiet because I must worry about their sudden falling in a blast of spring wind.

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