March 13, 2022

Shidare-ume (drooping Japanese apricot) flowers: Kaizo-ji

Shidare-ume (drooping Japanese apricot) flowers: Kaizo-ji

In East Asia, the flower of ume is said to symbolize a lovely maiden of innocent and pure heart. It prepares to bloom in the winter snow before the appearance of its fresh green leaves and emits a sweet-smelling fragrance in the chilly and scentless air, as if to adorably announce and glorify the arrival of spring before other flowers.

Flowering is the highest purpose of every plant life. Plants do their best to bloom for pollination with all their force by explosively releasing the nourishment and strength that have been stored over the year.

Spring is the peak period of spectacular flowering. Starting with the blooming of these elegant ume flowers, various seasonal flowers continuously emerge at a dizzying rate to competitively bask in the glory of the merciful spring sun.

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