October 21, 2021

Shumeigiku (Anemone hupehensis) flowers: Kita-kamakura

Shumeigiku (Anemone hupehensis) flowers: Kita-kamakura

The elegant flowers of Shumeigiku are quietly blooming toward the sky as if to heartily enjoy the blessings of the calm and transparent sunlight of late autumn.

The white petal-like parts of the flowers are sepals, which decorate and highlight the small orange flowers to attract pollinating insects in the tranquil shade.

The blooming season of graceful autumn flowers will end soon, and severe winter deepens little by little. Flowers rapidly disappear from the garden and most living things begin to prepare their quiet winter-sleep. 

For crowning the autumn glory splendidly, leaves have hurriedly started their gradual transformation to brilliant colors.

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