August 25, 2019

Kamakura Great Buddha: Kotoku-in temple, Hase

Kamakura Great Buddha: Kotoku-in temple, Hase

As a seasonal event for adorning the end of summer, the colossal bronze statue of Buddha is lit up at night during the final week of August.

Being illuminated by the golden light, the Great Buddha is shining gloriously in the evening darkness, which makes me see the vision of its solemn gilded figure in far distant past. A lot of lamps which symbolize lotus flowers and sacred lights are twinkling gently on the approach to the Buddha.

The sea breeze from the nearby beach is surrounding me. In the calm voice of this warm breeze, I hear the silent prayers whispered by an untold number of past people for salvation.

(Please refer to the link destination, "the Great Buddha and Kotoku-in.")

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