August 2, 2015

Sacred lotus flower: Kaizo-ji

The burning sun and the sweltering air of midsummer make the magnificent flowers of sacred lotus bloom high above the dazzling water surface.

In the brilliant sunlight, the soft and fine petals of this flower seem to be subtly woven silks and satins, which are gracefully waving in the gentle summer breeze.

The stamens and pistil in the heart of the flower are shining brightly like the gold tiara which proves the nobleness and dignity of this flower of Buddha.


bofill said...

Your photos are so lovely. They help me feel more peaceful and connected. Thank you!

Kunihiko said...

Dear bofill:

Thank you for your kind comment, which encourages me very much.
I am so glad to know that you liked my photographs.

In Buddhist culture, the flower of sacred lotus is considered as the flower of Buddha, which symbolizes his limitless wisdom and compassion.

It is my great pleasure in summer to appreciate the beauty and aroma of lotus flowers.