June 11, 2013

Iwatabako (Conandron ramondioides) flowers in Kaizo-ji

The small star-shaped flower of Iwatabako on the surface of rocks is a bewitching messenger of early summer in Kita-kamakura.

The bluish violet of the flowers and the deep green of the thich leaves and moss harmonize with each other magically in the soft sunshine filtering through the branches of trees.


Ajisai said...

Again, thank you so much for your outstanding pictures... After 3 years, I will be back to Kamakura zen gardens in few days. I hope the Iwatabako plants will still be as beautiful as you caught it, with violet little stars enchanting a deep moss sky.

Kunihiko said...

Dear Ajisai,

Thank you again for your kind comment, which is always a great encouragement to me.

Here in Kita-kamakura, Iwatabako flowers bloom early in June. I am sorry to let you know that those small purple flowers have already faded away. The various flowers of Ajisai are still in full bloom everywhere. You will enjoy the special beauty of these flowers of rain.

In late July, the magnificent flowers of sacred lotus will begin to bloom to let us know the arrival of the bright high summer.

I wish you all the best on your travel to Japan and Kita-kamakura.