June 10, 2012

Iwagarami (Schizophragma hydrangeoides) flowers in Tokei-ji

In the garden of this temple, just before the rainy season, the small modest flowers of Iwagarami (which means "a plant that clings to a rock") bloom all together over the surfaces of rocks in the shade.

The inflorescence of this climbing plant has plenty of small bisexual flowers in its center and white ornamental flowers around these bisexual flowers.

Each of the ornamental flowers has an white petal-like calyx and a small degraded flower organ concealed in its base. This bright ornamental flower functions as a conspicuous sign for attracting flower-visiting insects.


Anonymous said...

The butterfly and the flowers... a image worthy of contemplation.

Thank you again for continue to share the beauty of your world with us.


Kunihiko said...

Dear Mariane,

Thank you again for your kind comment and support to my blog.

This world is filled with things of beauty. But each of them is transient and disappears too fast.

It is a real pleasure that I could photograph this moment by chance.

With all best wishes.