December 19, 2010

Carps and maple leaves in Nanzen-ji (Kyoto)

The season of splendid colors has gone away at last, leaving behind the lingering trace of vivid autumnal tints on the quiet surface of the pond.

The cold stillness of winter begins to dominate over the gardens of Zen steadily.

Beneath the waveless surface of water, which reflected the ash-colored clouds and the gloomy afternoon sky, the gold and silver carps were gently swimming around as if to know the arrival of a harsh winter and the coming of feathery snow.


Kay said...

There is something like a classic kind of feel.

Kunihiko said...

Thank you for your kind comment and interest in my blog.

One of the basic themes of this photolog is an attempt to photographically represent Japanese classic sense of beauty.

Your warm comment encouraged me greatly.